How to Deliver a Trusted and Safe Marketplace for Your Users

With fast growth comes the challenge of managing risk, and providing users with a trusted online experience. As marketplaces grow with more users, products and transactions, the potential risk also rises.

Marketplaces and online platforms have exposure to risk in many areas. It’s key to understand both the types and scale of risk faced in order to put in place effective strategies that will proactively protect your business and your customers.

This guide focuses on counterfeit, fake reviews, illegal content and online scams, when fraudsters have already found their way onto your platform and addresses the following:

  • The scale and types of risk you face
  • Where you should focus your efforts
  • How technology can help
  • What your enforcement team can do
  • How you can get the evidence you need


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Trustpilot tackles fake reviews at scale

“Pasabi’s technology provides Trustpilot with the insight our legal, fraud and investigation teams need to strengthen existing capabilities, gather evidence against misbehaving companies and users, and drive our campaign against review sellers.

It is of the utmost importance to Trustpilot that our reputation for honest, accurate and trusted reviews remains protected. Deploying Pasabi’s technology to support our existing approach to manage this ongoing and growing challenge has been instrumental in delivering to consumers a clean, authentic and trusted user experience."

Anoop Joshi

VP, Legal & Platform Integrity