A Guide to the Science of Fake Review Detection


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What's inside the guide

Whether you are an online retailer, a travel website or a comparison service, trust is at the heart of your business.

Authenticity is key and if consumers can’t trust the reviews on your website, how can they trust the products and services you are selling?

Sorting out the real from the fake isn't a human-scale problem... it's a data-scale problem... which means it can be big. Very big.

In our Guide you will discover:

  • The types of fabricated content and the challenges each poses to your business
  • How AI technology can help you tackle the scale of the problem
  • How Pasabi's fake review detection software can work for your brand



Trustpilot tackles fake reviews at scale

“Pasabi has been able to turn huge volumes of data into something that’s really useful from a legal team perspective.

Their user interface is clear and simple to use and is something we’re using to flag suspicious activity and take action at scale. This should also have a deterrent effect, if people think they’re going to get caught.

Being able to identify the scale of the issue through this use of technology has allowed the legal team to be even more proactive in mitigating future risk and in discussions with regulators.

We have been able to help them to identify where some of the challenge is coming from, as more become concerned with tackling fake reviews online.”

Anoop Joshi

Director, Legal