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How to get started

To complete your fake reviews report, we need you to brief us on the issues you are facing and to provide details of the specific challenges you wish to report on.

We will also require  access to some of your data for analysis to be able to report back our findings on fabricated reviews, spam and scam and bad actors. 

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What's included in your report

  • Identification of fabricated reviews
  • Identification of persistent offenders and groups acting together
  • Examples of how to identify spam and scam
  • The scale of your challenge and how to address it.

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Trustpilot tackles fake reviews at scale

“Pasabi has been able to turn huge volumes of data into something that’s really useful from a legal team perspective.

Their user interface is clear and simple to use and is something we’re using to flag suspicious activity and take action at scale. This should also have a deterrent effect, if people think they’re going to get caught.

Being able to identify the scale of the issue through this use of technology has allowed the legal team to be proactive in mitigating future risk and in discussions with regulators.

We have been able to help them to identify where some of the challenge is coming from, as more become concerned with tackling fake reviews online.”

Anoop Joshi

Director, Legal